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Our mission

Is to develop and offer softwares that alleviate clinics and hospitals’ staff workload. Our solutions are developed with a teamwork environment in mind. One that is also paperless, productive, efficient and profitable. Through working harmoniously with our clients and partners, we guarantee that we offer highly-performing Canada-recognized ISO certificated solutions

Based in Canada, our company works in collaboration with clinics, hospitals, health centers and partners from coast to coast.


    Dr. Peter Zakrzewski
    Langley Eye Surgeons

    Prior to choosing Eyevu, I researched several other EMR options, and all of them had at least one major flaw in either the basic design of the program or ability to customize the components. I have been using EyeVu for 9 months now, and I have found it very easy to learn and modify for my needs. Also, being able to easily view and analyze all diagnostic testing within the Eyevu program has been very valuable. The Tecksoft team worked very diligently with me to create a consultation letter template that I have since created several variations of to suit all types of consultation and referral formats. I no longer have to verbally dictate any letters, which has been an amazing time-saver. I would strongly recommend Eyevu to anyone considering changing from another EMR program or anyone starting the EMR process from scratch.

    Dr. Stéphane Dupont,
    General director at Clinique Médicale d'Ophtalmologie de Granby,
    April 2009 – Today

    I began using EyeVu 2 years ago and I have to say that I am quite pleased with Tecksoft's dedication to continuous product improvement, encouraging inputs from their customers and committing to comply with Health Canada's medical device class 2 requirements. The EyeVu software is fabulous: my staff and I have been benefiting from its applications on a daily basis since day one.

    The service provided by Tecksoft is high-class, I'm proud to be one of Tecksoft's customers, keep up the good work!

    Pierre Ouellette,
    Vice president, Medical Affairs at Iris, the visual group
    May 2012 – Today

    Following the success of the implementation project of EyeVu at L'institut de l'oeil des Laurentides, I wanted the Clinique d'Ophtalmologie IRIS, which I co-own, to also implement the EyeVu in its practices. By showing it's capacities at L'institut de l'oeil des Laurentides during my supevision, it is my opinion that EyeVu, the most powerfull EMR, answers all requirements of ophthalmologic practice.
    The Tecksoft's staff and our own clinical staff are open and working in collaboration in this project. I am convinced that the decision to pursue with EyeVu at Iris is an advantageous, intelligent, efficient and effective decision / solution.

    Pierre Ouellette,
    Vice-President and General director at L'Institut De L'oeil Des Laurentides
    April 2010 – May 2012

    User of the software EyeVu since April 2010. We compared numerous patient management softwares, some of them were approaching our speciality but only one was directly responding to the ophthalmology field. Under my guidance, the EyeVu, conceived by Tecksoft inc. is the solution that consider all the needs of L'Institut De L'oeil des Laurentides. The interactive management of the images directly in the Electronic Medical Device provides a more complete patient file more availability. The Tecksoft's resources are interested and dedicated to make an effective installation and utilisation of the EyeVu. For all these reasons and with no hesitation I recommend the EyeVu.

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